Monday, February 06, 2012

Aonach Mor...

I have joined Dave and Jaimella for a week of Scottish Winter climbing.  Having worked with them before Rock Climbing in the Peak District they are keen to get stuck into some winter action.

Having never tried crampons before we decided to visit Aonach Mor to develop the essential skills of axe and crampon use before taking on graded routes.  As such we spent the day on Aonach an Nid traveling over some varied ground.  Fingers crossed this will front load things nicely tomorrow for our first routes of the week...

Some Rime Ice is pictured on the snow fences of Aonach Mor's ski area - a good indicator of the previous day(s) wind direction.  Any takers for the direction?...


  1. From the right James!

    1. You are quite correct Tim. I should point out that despite the flurry of emails from my colleagues - I haven't actually forgotten! (You know who you are!)