Tuesday, January 17, 2012

White Shark, Aonach Mor...

With a brief day off today I joined Emma Warren (pictured) and Matt Stygall on Aonach Mor for some ice climbing.

Despite a rising freezing level there is plenty of ice in the main drainage lines with many of the major routes in condition.  Accessing Coire an Lochain via 'Easy Gully' we traversed under the crag to the bottom of 'Aquafesh/White Shark' IV,4.  This proved to have some good quality ice although reaching the central peg belay is a little thin (although it often is here from what I understand).

'White Shark' is also famous for having a large cornice and today was no exception, although somebody had been kind enough to tunnel through it previously.  The belays are well equipped with pegs, allowing a relatively straight forward abseil descent with the addition of some abseil tat.

Here is a brief video clip of Matt Stygall squeezing his 6ft frame though the hole onto the plateau:

[...] Matt Stygall cramming his large frame into a tunneled cornice in the name of the 'traditional scottish mountaineering experience' Route: White Shark IV,4, Aonach Mor. Scotland [...]


  1. Mark Chadwick was also on White Shark behind us, check out his blog http://elementsgb.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/a-visit-out-west-and-white-shark/

  2. Best video i've seen for a while! Great stuff!