Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Intro to Rock at Stanage, Burbage and Froggatt..

I joined Josh yesterday for two days climbing on the Eastern Edges. Having done plenty of indoor climbing he was keen to find out what climbing outdoors was all about.

Meeting early yesterday in Hathersage the obvious choice was to visit Stanage Edge, perhaps one of the Peak District's most famous crags.

Here we climbed a variety of routes in the Diff-Severe bracket before refuelling in Hathersage. Following this, we also managed a bouldering and coaching session at Burbage North. Not a bad days product.

Andy Turner generously stepped in to take Josh to Froggatt Edge today, building on yesterday's work. (while I have been fighting some random lurgy!)

Intro Rock at Stanage

Apologies for the slow updates. Sunday was a busy day out on the grit with Rob and Catherine.

Having moved to Stoney Middleton recently, they were keen to spend some time developing their crag skills having a good grounding in the wall.

We spent the day at Stanage Edge, with some very warm weather prevailing. Despite this we had good progress and covered a range of skills for independent climbing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lead Coaching, Stanage Edge..

I joined Si for a day of climbing at Stanage Edge yesterday, the aim being to kick start Si's rock climbing.

Having done a fair bit of climbing in the past we spent the day revising some essential skills combined with getting some mileage in.  This allowed us to return to the basics a bit and look at some simple climbing movements.

There were a couple of showers during the day but the rock dried quickly given a westerly breeze.  We were able to make good use of this time to look briefly at belays, runner placement etc before Si lead some routes to finish...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Intro Rock Climbing at Stanage Edge..

Sunday was a busy day and while I was away in North Wales Joanna joined Ruth Taylor for a day at Stanage Edge.

Joanna was keen to give pure rock climbing a try as a preparation for further projects including a planned Matterhorn ascent.

She spent the day climbing at a windy and exposed Stanage Edge making good progress through the grades..

Climbing at Tremadog..

I was out in North Wales on Sunday with Adam.  The aim was to build on Adam's current multi-pitch climbing experience by climbing some classic routes.

We spent the day at Tremadog, climbing a variety of routes, coaching both climbing skills and technical rope work along the way.

The crag was generally fairly quiet despite the fine weather and we had the place largely to ourselves..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lead Coaching, Froggatt Edge..

I was out with Rhod again today, this time at Froggatt Edge.  The aim of the day was to do some lead coaching with Rhod leading some classic routes.

With this in mind we worked carefully through the grades before finishing with Heather Wall (HVD), Sunset Crack (HS) and Sunset Slab (HVS).

Despite some showers again today the climbing conditions were predominately very good, it being a little cooler than of late..

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stanage and Stoney..

I was out with Rhod today visiting both Stanage Edge and the crags of Stoney Middleton.

Rhod had previously done quite a lot of climbing while at University but was keen for a bit of a refresher so we kicked off at Stanage Edge climbing routes in the Very Difficult - Severe bracket.

This gave us an opportunity to do plenty of climbing while revising essential gear placement and belay technique etc.  From this basis we were keen to do some longer and harder routes so decided to move to Stoney Middleton.  Here we climbed Asparagus VS 4b, before abseiling back to the base of the route....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haglofs UK...

It was an early start this morning to drive up to Kendal to visit everybody at Haglofs UK.  This gave a rare opportunity to meet the very busy Peter, Maria and Vickie in the same location!

The range for Spring/Summer 2012 looks even better with some great developments in hardware, footwear and clothing.  It's certainly worth keeping an eye out for the exceptional Gore Active Shell - Haglofs Endo Jacket which should be available in the autumn (Neil Bradley talks about the Endo here)...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apparent North - Bouldering..

I decided to head out briefly onto the grit last night with Simon and Steve, bouldering at the Apparent North area of Stanage.

Conditions were ok but definitely a little greasy after a couple of days of rain.  Despite the wind the dreaded midge was also starting to make an appearance so it will be worth picking some windy venues soon.

Despite this Apparent North has some great bouldering and is always quiet despite it's proximity to Burbage North and Stanage etc..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

John Lewis Rock Climbing..

Paul Knowles and Darren Saxton have been out for two days with he team from John Lewis Climbing and Mountain Sports Club (CAMS).

Saturday was the better day of the weekend and everybody made the most of it with multiple ascents at Birchen Edge in the Diff-E1 bracket.

Unfortunately, Sunday's forecast wasn't quite as good but a prompt start resulted in a productive visit to Lawrencefield Quarry before a retreat to the Climbing Works - one of the best bouldering walls in the country.

Hopefully that just about finished even Richard's arms off?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Double Rope Technique at Froggatt...

Apologies for the lack of updates - a melting laptop power cable has prevented use of the computer for a few days.

David and Duncan joined me on Thursday for some lead coaching at Froggatt Edge.  They were returning following a lead climbing weekend a few years previously, the aim this time being to master the use of double ropes.

We spent the day at Froggatt looking at building belays, routing the rope to protect leader and second and belaying with "half ropes" at the bottom and top of the crag.  All of these things are relatively small changes but can be difficult to master so we spent plenty of time practicing on a variety of routes.

Duncan is pictured working the ropes on Slab Recess (Diff).


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Resin to Rock at Stanage...

I was out with Ben at Stanage Edge today with a view to making the transition from Resin to Rock.

As an experienced indoor climber Ben was keen to find out what climbing outside was all about.  We spent the day leading and seconding routes as well as covering some gear placement etc.

This culminated in Ben 'taking the sharp end' and doing some lead climbing of his own on carefully selected routes.  For many people this is of course what it's all about...

Friday, June 03, 2011

ML Assessment...

I have been away in North Wales for the last three days on the expedition phase of a five day Mountain Leader Assessment.

Starting from Capel Curig we did a large loop taking in most of the Carneddau and Glyders over three days of wild camping.

During this time Sarah, Andy and Troy demonstrated that they were more than competent in all areas of the syllabus and passed with ease - well done!

During our time in Snowdonia we experienced what could only be described as 'heat wave' conditions with sunburn being the main hazard!..