Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Interesting" day on Ben Nevis..

With a great forecast for today it wasn't hard for Dave Barker to temp me onto Ben Nevis despite a growing pile of essential admin.

We were keen to head up to the Douglas Boulder again due to the good conditions, and relatively safe approach.  While gearing up we sadly witnessed a team of three trigger an avalanche from the top third of Garadh Gully.

One climber was carried approximately 200m, his companion coming to rest at about 300m in 'the gulches' buried up to his neck.  Being fairly close behind them we were able to lend a hand and initiate a rescue by Lochaber MRT and Rescue 137.  Both had sustained serious fractures to their lower legs.  We hope they make a swift recovery.

Conditions on the mountain are good, the difficulty is getting to the bottom of routes safely and with some energy left over.  Today there were teams on Orion Direct, Astral Highway, Hadrians Wall, Waterfall Gully, Ledge Route and North West Face Route on the Douglas Boulder...


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Hi James

    You always seem to be in the right place _ your skills always seem to be invaluable! :)

    All the best

    Tim Roberts

    ps you'll be pleased to hear went on winter skills course in February, albeit poor conditions _ admittedly I loved it!! I will be returning!!

  2. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Hi James,
    Thanks for your help today in getting the injured climbers off the Ben.
    I'll email you some pics. If you ever want to visit us in the "Gang Hut" please get in touch.
    Thanks again.
    Martin LMRT

  3. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Did you go to hospital to see the climbers? Were they ok. I was the guy in the red jacket that helped to dig out the climber in the gulch.

    Andrew Wilson

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your assistance also yesterday. Avalanche victims are much more likely to have good outcomes if found by fellow climbers. Your quick action no doubt had a positive effect.
    They both have identical leg injuries. I,ll find out how they are getting on today. Both went into the Belford Hospital. Thanks to RAF, Police, NHS and Ambulance Service.
    Martin LMRT

  5. Hi Tim, Glad you had a good winter mountaineering course. Hope the travel there was a little simpler this time! James

  6. Hi Martin, Thanks very much to everybody involved, I seem to remember it was you guys who did all the hard work. Sorry that your Aonach Mor powder day was scuppered. I did get some shots of your colleague (sorry have forgotten his name) and yourself getting lifted with the first casualty, email me if you want a copy. Would certainly be nice to speak to you at some point minus the 7 tonnes of rotor downwash.

    Cheers James

  7. Hi Andrew, Thanks very much for running back to the hut and of course putting up with somebody yelling across the corrie at you! It's pretty humbling that folk get stuck in to help when somebody is injured like this, particularly when there is some digging required.

    I haven't been to see the guys in hospital but the information from the police was positive.

    Many Thanks, James

  8. LMRT Chris11:43 AM

    Hey James, I'm the "other guy" from LMRT yesterday,my name is Chris. Thanks again for your help yesterday & the mega ledge you had prepared for us! Just found out that both guys were transferred to Inverness to have their injuries surgically fixed. Let us know when your free in the Fort & I can show you round the team base.
    Thanks again.

  9. Hi Chris, Sorry - thought so but my memory is obviously failing. Around for a while yet so by all means give me a shout Will sort out those photos for you.. Cheers James