Friday, October 26, 2007

Tom Richardson: Altitude Addiction

Conditions on the grit continue to be good, but soon you are going to need something to occupy those long dark nights...

'Altitude Addiction, Getting High on Mountains' is a Fund Raising talk from Tom Richardson. All the money is in aid of Edale Mountain Rescue Team. It takes place at Outside Cafe (Hathersage Branch), Wednesday 7th November 2007, 7.45pm. Tickets are available from all Outside stores at £3.00. For further details visit Outside. Tom is an interesting and informative speaker as well as an established authority on all things Himalaya.

After a Scottish and Alpine apprenticeship, Tom began climbing in the Himalaya in 1979. Since then he has climbed extensively around the world and has been on more trips to the Greater Ranges than his age (52years, 55trips). This includes 7 expeditions to 8000m peaks across the Himalaya and Karakoram, both leading commercial groups and climbing with friends. He describes himself as an ambitious mountaineer and his ambition is to get very, very old. His favourite trip is usually the one he has just come back from, irrespective of whether it is from a remote corner of western Mongolia or Pakistan or leading a commercial group up Mera Peak in Nepal.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Single Pitch Award Assessment..

The weather in the Peak District has been great this weekend with stable cool conditions and morning temperature inversions (like Back Tor and Lose Hill pictured early on Saturday morning).

This gave fantastic climbing conditions for White Hall Centre's Single Pitch Award Assessment. Saturday saw us at Stanage Popular end to look personal climbing, before visiting Windgather Rocks on Sunday for the group supervision elements of the syllabus.

The weather continues to look reasonably stable into next week, giving excellent conditions on the grit..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Climbing and Navigation..

Apologies for the slight delay in this post due to technical difficulties with internet access! Sunday seems like a long time ago, but a good day out despite the rain and poor visibility at Birchen Edge.

Andy and Becky continued to lead routes in the difficult conditions, making some impressive vertical progress while consolidating the previous day's teaching. Good luck with the climbing - I hope you have some dry days coming up..

Glyn and Steve were also out on Saturday night with Dave Barker. Their aim being to do some night navigation on Kinder Scout, in preparation for their Walking Group Leader (WGL) and Mountain Leader (ML) assessments. Apparently it was "a bit of a pea souper.."

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lead Climbing at Froggatt..

Today I was climbing with Andy and Becky at Froggatt. During the day we looked at the essential skills of anchor and gear placement for lead climbing, combined with some coaching to aid the transition from "resin to rock".

There was low cloud and a bit of drizzle for most of the day making the climbing a little more difficult. Late on in the day this appeared to break up, see the photo of Stanage (left).

There are conflicting forecasts for tomorrow, although some suggest an improving situation by late morning. Fingers crossed..

Friday, October 12, 2007

Climbing at Stanage..

Peter and myself have been out at Stanage High Neb today.

It was initially quite damp making the first couple of routes at Crow Chin feel more difficult than they should have been. Later, the sun dried the rock quickly allowing us to do plenty of climbing in the High Neb area.

The crag was predominately quiet with just one other climber self belaying many of the harder classics, including the 'Beautician' (E4). Over at the popular end, things were unsurprisingly more popular with many teams out and about enjoying the fine afternoon.

Isobel was also out walking with her students from Aston Comprehensive School, taking in Win Hill and Lose Hill. "You could see for miles"..

In Europe the mixed climbing conditions continue to be excellent. This video of the Cecchinel-Nominé on Mont Blanc shows just how good the neve is..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Multi Pitch Climbing North Wales..

Geoff and myself were out doing some multi pitch climbing in North Wales yesterday.

Despite a slightly damp start the weather was excellent giving great climbing on Tryfan's Milestone Buttress. We spent the day looking at the essential skills of multi pitch belays, stance management, abseiling and route finding before looking at solving some simple problems.

In between doing all the technical stuff we also managed to climb 'Rowan Slab' (D) and 'Pulpit Route' (VD).

Again, the fine weather seems set to continue, so get out while you can..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Stoney Middleton..

Andy Turner and myself were out at Stoney Middleton today (along with the little mouse on the left).

Unfortunately, the overcast and damp conditions in the morning forced us to a more sheltered venue, the Tremadog of the Peak, known effectionately as "Stoney". Despite the drizzle we climbed a few routes including: 'Double Scotch' (E2), 'Dead Banana Crack' (E1), 'Minus Ten' (HVS) and 'Fe Fi Fo Fum' (HVS).

Yesterday (Sunday), Isobel Murray an myself had been out at Burbage North in much finer conditions doing a variety of routes at the crag. The eastern edges were in excellent condition, and there were many folk out enjoying the friction at Higgar Tor, Burbage North, Burbage South, Burbage West, and Stanage.

Saturday evening was also the formal opening of Edale Mountain Rescue Team's new base in Hope, which has been entirely funded by public donation. This facility should allow the team to cover both Kinder Scout and the Eastern Edges much more efficiently in the future.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Multi Pitch Climbing in the Lakes..

Mark and myself have been away in the Lake District for the last couple of days multi pitch climbing.

On Thursday we visited Shepherds Crag in Borrowdale, climbing 'Donkey's Ears' (S), 'Crescendo' (S) and 'Eve' (VS). While at the crag, another climber was sadly injured having taken a tumbling fall in the screes below the main cliff.

We were able to give brief assistance before Keswick Mountain Rescue Team turned up. The casualty then being evacuated to an air ambulance for onward transport to Carlisle.

Friday was a more "normal" day with a visit to White Ghyll in Langdale. The weather perfect with clear blue skies and excellent visability, making our ascents of 'White Ghyll Wall' (VS) and 'Slip Knot' (VS) even more enjoyable.

The weather appears to be good for the weekend also..

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Birchen Edge..

Caroline and myself visited Birchen Edge today for some climbing and coaching on the grit. The weather was good, despite noticeable showers further up the Hope Valley.

We climbed a variety of routes around the 'Nelson's Slab' area before doing a little bouldering to finish on the "three ships" at the top of the crag.

It looks like showers are forecast for the next couple of days, before improved conditions at the weekend...